Artist Reception August 11 7p 10p.

Show dates: August 11 to September 10th.

In 2007 filmmaker Doug Walker found roughly 30,000 missing film negatives from the archives of Surfing magazine at a Pasadena swap meet. After spending 1 year organizing the collection Doug reunited them with their photographers and subjects, which he documented in his iconic film Lost and Found. This show features the photographs in the film. Photographs that have not been seen in over 30 years, when Surfing magazine was introducing the world to surfing legends Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Jock Sutherland, Larry Bertlemann, Rory Russell and Bobby Owens.

Artist Reception June 16th 6p 11p.

Show dates: June 16 to July 10th.

One of Los Angeles' first, most well known, and most well respected crews. Founded in 1985, and consisting of some of the biggest names in the graffiti art community for almost 3 decades.

Many members have grown to become the worlds foremost tattooists, gallery artists, graphic designers and many members own some of the worlds best known graphic design firms and clothing companies. What started as a group of young kids in Los Angeles, with a mutual love of a new artistic art form, has grown to become a legacy of creativity, originality and respect worldwide.


Ace, Alias, Ash, Bates, Bazar, Brail, Cartoon, Cazar, Clae, Cool Boy, Coozv, Cre8, Dash, Den, Design9, Dye5, Evolve, Gaso, Gigs, Hasler, kofie, Make, Mear, Miner, Munk, OG Abel, Peno, PJay, Pony Boy, Power, Pryer, Pyro, Rak, Rakus, Remi Rough, Resek, Retna, Risky, Rival, Sed, Sel, Ser, Severe, Shadow, Siner, Skill Skit, Skit, Stormie, Stylie3, Swan, Trixter, Tyer, Vex, Vision, Wisk, Zane

Opening Reception: Saturday April 28, 2012 6:00PM - 9:00 PM

The exhibition will be displayed from April 28 - May 28

Exhibition hours: Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Viewings by appointment

Curated by: Charles Dailey, Walter Impert, Quinton McCurrin

Artist reception will be held on March 3rd, from 6-9PM. Private showings can be scheduled until April 4th by calling 213.625.2300.

Joan Tucker's "Urban Legend" captures her philosophy of "art is where you find it". Through her career, Joan has always utilized a combination of paints, collage, construction and found objects. This new work takes her approach a step further. Using papers scavenged from billboards and construction sites, Joan has created richly textured and nuanced canvases that recycle and re-imagine everyday materials into funky ,visceral and juicy paintings that keep the viewer in a world of discovery and excitement.

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